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The Revised Inspection Standards of Practice
(aka: What gets inspected)

On October 27, 2008 a slightly revised inspection standard of practice was adopted that become effective Feb. 1, 2009 for resale/used homes.

This slight revision seeks to (according to the state) "more accurately reflect current technology, codes, and practices that form the basis of many of the standards".

Again there is no basis of grandfathering in the standards or codes due to the age of any property as there was none in the past.

Significant change is in the electrical system section following the current National Electric Code (NEC) with new items to report on. Newer wiring methods, some code checking as listed in the new standards and lack of arc-fault circuit breakers (AFCI's) to the 2008 NEC are to be reported regardless of age of construction. AFCI's are significant as they are electrical fire-supression devices and many breaker boxes would need to be replaced and upgraded to a larger size in order to accomodate AFCI breakers.

There is still no requirement that any seller or buyer make repairs but inspections are an advisory to the buyer of deficiencies. According to the TREC, “the ultimate decision what to do with the reported information, such as making recommended repairs or to simply “live with” a reported deficiency, is a decision to be made by the person for whom the report is prepared”.

The new inspection form (7-2) and standards removes the designation "In Need of Repair" and replaced with a "Deficient" check box. Deficient means reported as having one or more deficiencies. Deficiency means - a condition that, in the inspectors reasonable opinion, adversely and materially affects the performance of a system or component or constitutes a hazard to life, limb, or property as specified by these standards of practice.

Of course, "deficient " should still be treated as "in need of repair".

If your inspector is not code certified or is experienced what kind of inspection did you get?

There is a difference.

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